Bricolage Wood School 'Class Policy’

Class Cancellation: If the class attendee is unable to attend the class that they have booked, any transfer of class dates or return of money spent is at the discretion of Bricolage Wood School and may incur a $100 booking fee.

If a class is cancelled for any reason by Bricolage Wood School, a suitable class transfer will be offered as an alternative replacement.

If an attendee is asked to leave the class for any reason, they will not be entitled to a return of moneys spent. We DO NOT tolerate unsafe work practices nor any rudeness towards our staff or other attendees.

Age Restriction: By purchasing a Class position, the purchaser is confirming that the participant(s) is 16 years old or older. ID may be requested on the day to confirm the age of participants, and failure to produce appropriate documentation will result in the participant being asked to leave.

36+ Degrees: If the temperature is going to be above 36 degrees, we reserve the right to cancel the class. If this happens, a suitable class transfer will be offered as an alternative replacement. This is a safety requirement, and we cannot safely operate a class if the workshop is too hot.

Waiver and Release: During all such times that you are on Bricolage Wood School premises, both your property and your person shall be at your own risk. You agree that Bricolage Wood School shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or theft of any property belonging to you or your guest occurring on Bricolage Wood School premises except where caused by gross negligence of Bricolage Wood School. Additionally, Bricolage Wood School shall not be liable for any death, personal injury, or illness occurring to you or your guest on Bricolage Wood School premises or as a result of the use of any facilities or equipment provided by Bricolage Wood School, except to the extent that such death, personal injury, or illness occurs from the gross negligence of Bricolage Wood School.

The terms of this Agreement constitute the full agreement between you and Bricolage Wood School, and no oral promises are made part thereof. If any part of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable by law, the provisions will be deleted from the Agreement but such deletion will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Bricolage Wood School 'Safety Policy’

1. Introduction
At Bricolage Wood School, the safety and well-being of our students, instructors, and staff are of paramount importance. This Safety Policy outlines our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all participants involved in woodworking activities. By enrolling in our woodworking classes, you agree to adhere to the safety guidelines and policies detailed below.

2. General Safety Guidelines
a. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
All students and staff must wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses, ear protection, and dust masks when required. Additional PPE may be necessary for specific tasks, such as gloves, aprons, or respiratory protection.

b. Tool Safety
i. Only authorized instructors or experienced students are allowed to use power
ii. Prior to using any tool, students must receive proper training and understand its safe operation.

c. Work Area Safety
i. Keep work areas clean and organized to minimize trip hazards and facilitate
safe movement.
ii. Use clamps or other securing methods to stabilize the workpiece while working with tools.

d. Emergency Procedures
i. Know the location of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency exits.
ii. Familiarize yourself with emergency evacuation plans and assembly points. iii. Report any accidents or injuries to instructors immediately.

3. Machine and Tool Safety
a. Power Tool Use
i. Follow manufacturer guidelines for all power tools, including proper
maintenance and inspection.
ii. Avoid distractions while operating power tools, and maintain a firm grip and control at all times.

b. Saw Safety
i. Keep hands and other body parts a safe distance from the saw blade and follow
all safety features and procedures provided by the instructor. c. Dust Collection
i. Use dust collection systems as provided to minimize airborne dust and maintain a healthy working environment.

4. Material Handling
a. Lifting and Handling
i. Use proper lifting techniques to prevent strain or injury when moving materials.
ii. Seek assistance when handling heavy or awkward materials.

b. Storage
i. Store materials in designated areas to prevent clutter and tripping hazards.
ii. Securely stack materials to prevent falling.

5. Chemical Safety
a. Hazardous Materials
i. Use chemicals and finishes only in well-ventilated areas and in accordance with safety data sheets (SDS).
ii. Wear appropriate PPE when handling chemicals.

b. Material Disposal
i. Dispose of hazardous waste according to local regulations and facility guidelines.

6. Student Responsibilities
a. All students are responsible for adhering to this Safety Policy.
b. Report unsafe conditions or equipment to instructors or school management.
c. Follow instructor guidance and advice related to safety and tools.
7. Enforcement and Consequences
Failure to comply with this Safety Policy may result in warnings, suspension from classes, or expulsion from the school, depending on the severity of the violation and the risk it poses to the safety of individuals and the woodworking community.
8. Review and Updates
This Safety Policy is subject to periodic review and updates as necessary to ensure the ongoing safety of all individuals at Bricolage Wood School. Participants will be informed of any policy changes.

By enrolling in our woodworking classes, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to comply with this Safety Policy. Your safety and that of others are our top priorities, and together we can create a safe and enjoyable woodworking experience.